Fall 2018

Technical Meetings

Richard Maldonado

Philip Archibeque

Technical Meeting directors are responsible for hosting technical presentations every Wednesday and Thursday. Technical meetings are a weekly event where firms are invited to present on a specific accounting-related topic for all members and non-members. Their responsibilities include:

  • Inviting and scheduling firms to present
  • Ordering food
  • Promoting the event
  • Setting up the meeting room

Community Service

David Vela

John Vincent Lim

Community Service directors are responsible for community service events. As part of the BAP chapter’s requirement, every member must complete community service. The directors create these opportunities that allows members to not only fulfill their obligation, but to give back to the community and network with other professionals.  In the past, they have organized events with LA Food Bank and various marathons. Their responsibilities include:

  • Finding and scheduling community service opportunities
  • Promoting the event
  • Creating forms for registration and carpool

Social Events

Joshua Florendo

Theresa Nguyen

Social Events directors are responsible for fun and team-bonding activities for members. They also collaborate with other clubs for an annual Game Night or BBQ event at least once a semester. Their responsibilities include:

  • Planning a social activity
  • Promoting the event
  • Communicating with other clubs’ directors



Meet the Firms

Katherine Sarkissian

Alberto Aguirre

Meet the Firms directors are responsible for Meet the Firms by collaborating with the Accounting Association (AA), Management Information Systems Association (MISA), and the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). Meet the Firms is a significant recruiting/networking event for Accounting and Information Systems majors that is held every semester. Their responsibilities include:

  • Choosing a venue
  • Contacting and inviting firms to participate
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Preparing nametags, decorations, and set-ups
  • Promoting the event
  • Collaborate with other clubs’ directors

Firm Tours

Xueying (Sherry) Zhang

Chuleekorn Weerapichet

Garthlee Garrovillas

Firm Tour directors are responsible for organizing firm tours with various accounting firms. This provides students the opportunity to learn about these firms and their respective culture. Their responsibilities include:

  • Contacting and scheduling tour dates with firms
  • Promoting the event
  • Creating forms for sign-ups and carpool
  • Provide all logistics to invited students


Weekend Seminar

Richard Lengua

Humberto Gonzalez

Weekend Seminars directors are responsible for the Weekend Seminars. The BAP charter requires new members to participate in at least one seminar in addition to CID. These seminars present interesting accounting topics from guest speakers and offer team-building activities for all members. Members also have the opportunity to get to know the club executives and directors. Their responsibilities include:

  • Booking and scheduling a room
  • Inviting guest speakers
  • Organizing team-building activities
  • Ordering food
  • Promoting the event


Nancy Maldonado

Kevin Sieger

Candidate directors are responsible for hosting Candidate Integration Day (CID). CID is an annual event held every semester to initiate new BAP members. This event also serves as an orientation of Beta Alpha Psi and the chapter requirements. Their responsibilities include:

  • Booking and scheduling a room
  • Inviting BAP alumni and potential members
  • Organizing team-building activities
  • Promoting the event
  • Ordering food

Alumni Relations

Julius Loredo

Shanina Lavilla

Alumni Relations directors are responsible for our alumni database. Beta Alpha Psi is proud of its alumni network and helping our members connect with them. They also assist other directors to connect with alumni for their events. Their responsibilities include:

  • Updating alumni contact information
  • Hosting alumni events
  • Assist other directors with their events as a POC


Abraham Aliaga

Moses Brimon

Robert Clark

Joyce Wu

Tutoring directors are responsible for providing tutoring services for accounting students. They specialize in assisting students in ACCT 350 and also other accounting courses. ACCT 350 students are invited by our directors to attend tutoring workshops for their midterm and final the week before the exam. Tutoring services can be found in BB 2119 Monday through Thursday at certain times. Their responsibilities include:

  • Tutoring accounting students
  • Hosting tutoring workshops for ACCT 350
  • Providing additional resources for review





Professional Development

Beatriz Bernandino

Joe Lozano

Professional Development directors are responsible for hosting workshops that develop the professional skills of our members. These workshops include audit simulations and one-on-one interview/resume workshops for members only. Their responsibilities include:

  • Planning and organizing workshops
  • Inviting professionals to present or participate
  • Promoting the event
  • Booking a venue


Alec Agana

Mentor-mentee director is responsible for organizing the mentor-mentee program. The mentor-mentee program pairs a new member with a current member to assist them with fulfilling their club obligations, navigating recruitment, and their classes. Their responsibilities include:

  • Setting up the pairing process
  • Recruiting and assigning current members their buddies
  • Also, fundraising

Financial Services

Cesar Pena

Financial Services director is responsible for assisting the Treasurer with maintaining the club’s finances and reimbursements. Their responsibilities include:

  • Processing reimbursement requests
  • Maintaining the club’s bookkeeping


Multi Media

Anna Hakopian

Multi Media director is responsible for assisting the Tech Admin and the publication of the BAAM newsletters. The BAAM newsletter is a weekly flyer that lists every club’s activities and meetings sent out to all accounting and IS students by the EY Career Center. Their responsibilities include:

  • Updating the website
  • Maintain contact with other clubs’ directors
  • Assisting Tech Admin with tasks
  • Creating the weekly BAAM newsletter