Welcome our Chapter's Fall 2019 Executives

The Executive Board runs the day-to-day affairs of the Epsilon Chi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at Cal State Northridge. The Board consists of a faculty advisor and eight officers, including President, VP of Activities, VP of Membership, VP of Operations,  Treasurer,  Controller,  Technology Administrator, and Secretary.


Bernadette Venzon

The President is responsible for overseeing all of the Executives. She enforces the chapter bylaws and maintains an ethical standard for all Beta Alpha Psi members. As a leader, the President plays multiple roles such as:

  • An advisor for executives and members regarding BAP policies and procedures
  • A mentor for the recruiting and academic process
  • A coach for new and nervous executives and directors who need extra guidance

Email address: [email protected]

Vice President of Activities

The Vice President of Activities is responsible for external programs and events hosted by Beta Alpha Psi. For Fall 2019, the VP of Activities is in charge of organizing and hosting Meet the Firms and serve as head of the MTF committee. He is responsible for the following directors:

  • Meet the Firms
  • Technical Meetings
  • Community Service


Email address: [email protected]

David Song

Vice President of Operations

Richard Maldonado

The Vice President of Operations is responsible for internal programs and events hosted by Beta Alpha Psi for its members. Similar to the VP of Activities, the VP of Operations ensures all members have the opportunity to network as a member, forge strong friendships and a well-connected network.  He is responsible for the following directors:

  • Social Events
  • Firm Tours
  • Weekend Seminars

Email address: [email protected]

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for recruiting new candidates and reviewing everyone’s membership qualifications. The VP of Membership works with the faculty advisor to review all transcripts and DPR from new and returning members. She is responsible for the following directors:

  • Candidates
  • Alumni Relation
  • Tutoring
  • Professional Development
  • Mentor-Mentee

Email address: [email protected]

Diem Dinh


Garthlee Garrovillas

The Treasurer oversees the club’s financial services and is responsible for covering the financial affairs of the organization. He must consistently communicate with executives and directors throughout the semester in order to prepare accurate cash flows and financial records. His daily procedures include overseeing the present budget accounts, financials, and managing the financial status. In addition, He updates and ensures that record keeping and accounts are in line with the conditions of statutory bodies of BAP.

Email address: [email protected]


The Controller is in charge of updating and maintaining Beta Alpha Psi’s QuickBooks account. She makes sure that the organization stays within the designated budget and records all of the expenses. She is also responsible for collecting outstanding receivables.

Email address: [email protected]

Supattra Siridachanon


Xueying (Sherry) Zhang

The Secretary is responsible for promoting and marketing all chapter events. For all events, the Secretary will photograph and document for social media, website, and archives. Additional duties include record the minutes of the meetings and topics discussed, and upload member points to the BAP intranet continuously throughout the semester.

Email address: [email protected]

Technology Administrator

The Technology Administrator is primarily responsible for tracking all member points, maintaining the club website, and overseeing the Multimedia & Technology Director. In addition to this, she also creates necessary club documents as needed and is responsible for drafting any changes to the chapter’s constitution for voting as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

Email address: [email protected]

Cionelle Malijan

Faculty Advisor

Young-Won Her